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Domingo Brunch with Triage

You don't want to miss these returning favorites! (and brunch specials all day.) This tour is celebrating a new release.

Triage is a group comprised of Jarrett Gilgore on alto saxophone, Noah Jarrett on upright bass, and Kevin Ripley on drums. Having grown up in the Doylestown area, but now living in three semi disparate places-- Baltimore, Philadelphia, Doylestown-- the trio plays with a vision of creating new, uncompromising, and relevant improvised music. The lack of chordal instrument allows every performance to evolve organically, note by note, without confinement to chords and/or melodies and/or moods.

Triage plays mostly original music, with smatterings of free jazz greats, such as Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, John Tchicai, Dewey Redman, Anthony Braxton, etc. From moment to moment, their music can alternate between meditative and cacophonous, animated and reminiscent, chamber-like and contrapuntal, fluid and odd-metered, all the while speaking with an honest voice and an open musical perspective.

live music, 10am-12
brunch specials 8am-2pm