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Red Orange Yellow, Green Blue Violet

Red Orange Yellow, Green Blue Violet

A Group Show of Paintings by Mike Carty, Scott Taylor, and Terry Wise

Artists Reception: Friday, October 5, 4:30-7:00pm


The term "Impressionism," is familiar to almost anyone with even a passing interest in art, but its companion movement "Post Impressionism”, is somewhat more obscure. It was a movement following Impressionism when color became liberated from form, and color began to be used as an idea in and of itself, entirely separated from structure.


In this movement, one side of a face might be painted green, and the other side blue, with perhaps a yellow stripe down the center. Gauguin sometimes paints his figures completely blue while Matisse paints all of the furniture of a room red, and Seurat finds the entire spectrum in every form.


This exhibit is devoted to artists who not only make up their own colors for their forms, but also resolve the representational images in their paintings as a set of relationships existing between assorted colors, and their tints. This is the source of the title, "Red Orange Yellow, Green Blue Violet," featuring the paintings of Mike Carty, Scott Taylor, and Terry Wise.


artists reception: Friday, October 5, 4:30-7:00


Show runs October 5 thru December 31.

Earlier Event: September 30
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