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Domingo Brunch w Tumo-Kohrs

New to Dottie's.  Come welcome Tumo-Kohrs, a musical duo that performs Sarah Kohrs's original songs to Mark Tuomenoksa's original arrangements.  They meld the harmonies of jazz music with the lyrics and rhythmic drive of roots music to create a sound that is all their own.

The two met at an open mic in Great Barrington three years ago, and have been fast friends ever since. 

In some ways, the two are opposites.  Sarah is a classically trained pianist who attended the Eastman School.  Mark is a jazz cat who attended the Berklee College of Music in its heyday.  But their shared ability to glimpse the beauty and mystery in every day experiences, as well as their shared love of the structure of song and sound allow them to exponentially exceed what one would expect from a pairing of such different personalities.

Both are overcomers.  Sarah returned to her native Berkshires as a result of a parasitic infection.  And, growing up, Mark dealt with the symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome and other learning challenges.  But both continue to vitally experience and express deep joy in life.  And it shows. 

Lauded by one local critic as “emotional hardball in the big leagues,” the duo’s act has touched audiences since they started performing earlier this year.  And they are just getting started.

live music: 10am-12pm

brunch specials 8am-2pm  

specialty beverages all day till 3



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