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Domingo Brunch w/Heather and Tobias

Heather and Tobias have been performing and working on music together for roughly 9 or 10 years now.  They  are very passionate about the music they play and  hope that shows to anyone who listens.  Their song selection is always eclectic and changing with only 2 rules:  any selection has to be a great song, regardless of the genre and it shouldn't be something that hundreds of other acoustic musicians cover.  They play anything from classic jazz to hip-hop an even country, with your typical rock and folk mixed in.  Their main goal is to play music that people would know, but not something you hear performed by other groups frequently.

"Music is a very personal experience.  It isn't about playing faster or better, but conveying a mood or atmosphere that connects with people.  That's what we try to do every time we play. If you can enjoy our music half as much as we do, you are going to have a great time whenever you see us."

  • live music: 10am-12pm our usual sumptuous brunch till 2              outstanding beverages all day till 3