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Small Abstract Paintings/opening reception

Small Abstract Paintings by
Diane Firtell, Mark Mellinger, Terry Robbins, and Ron Ronan

Abstract painting appeals to the imagination as the easiest and most accessible method of painting. It is like an open door promising immediate creative gratification.

In fact, abstraction is extremely involved and demanding. Paintings fail and one does not know why, others succeed and the success is an even greater mystery.
The procedures can be infinite, from mathematical exactitude, to dripped, thrown and poured pigments.

This show is pleased to present the work of 4 abstractionists. Here are some statements about their works.

Diane Firtell: “As I, (and my art) have matured….I find myself more interested in and inspired by shape, color, texture, design. All the pieces you see here were done from specific images (with the exception of the large oil which was done plein air at Arrowhead). Occasionally I enjoy, at the end, going back with a finishing bit of detail. The small pieces are my photographic images that were image transferred by hand. Most have the addition of oil and pastel, applied in layers.”

Mark Mellinger: “50 some years ago I went to art school.10 years ago I made my way back into art. It's still all about the paint itself.

Terry Robbins: “With my painting I become an explorer, looking for a way to encounter and encourage a question. To be in front of a blank canvas or piece of paper is looking at an undiscovered world full of questions. I try to discover this world through the relationships between colors and proportions and scale. Occasionally form slips in. This is a process of discovery, not a process of trying to supply answers. I find that this can be somewhat uncomfortable for some people.

Ron Ronan: “What I have attempting to capture in my most recent series of fresco paintings on canvas is a raw and unadulterated depth of emotion.”

The Dot Gallery (at Dottie’s Coffee Lounge)
444 North Street, Pittsfield
October 4, through January 4

Opening Reception: October 4th 5-8:00PM