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OPEN MIC Comedy Show

If you are interested in doing the show, please send Thomas Attila Lewis a message via Facebook. We will keep, at most, 2 slots open for sign-ups at the show.

1. Remaining sign-ups on clip board 7-7:15pm
2. Set order (order of performers) posted at 7:15pm
3. Show starts before 7:30pm
4. Show ends by 9pm

We are looking for some Pittsfield/Berkshire-area females to get on stage to tell some jokes or humorous stories - we can't have another sausage-fest.

Set order and length will be determined the night of the show on a case-by-case basis. Have 7 minutes prepared but be ready to cut material.

A couple of points for new comics:
1. Please buy food and beverages from Dottie's. They graciously allow us to use their space that they pay rent, heat, and electricity fot - they also have to pay staff to stay late for our show. Without Dottie's, we have no show. Please tip generously.
2. Please do not ignore the light, you will not be allowed back on the show for a while.
3. Please do not leave the show before it is over. The remaining comics listened to your set, do them the courtesy of listening to theirs - that's how you establish a healthy comedy scene. If you leave early, you may not be back on the show for a while. We will be done by 9pm, that's not a late night.
4. Please treat the other comics the way you'd like to be treated while you are on the stage, unless you are a masochist, then, stay home and try to meet your ilk on Craigslist.